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Les belles histoires, Vases

This serie is based on a snippet of my favourite bedtime story as a kid.

Who turned off the lights?,Vases

Inspired by cartoon jokes this vase will bring joy and nostalgia to any home.

The party is over... , Sculpture

Abandoned on the floor, hanged on a
pole, and deflated. That is the destiny of
the shiny and pumped balloons when
the party is over.

Can pine trees be nice? Sculpture

Since childhood I’ve been frightened of pine forests. I project on them all the imagery of fairy tales, of wicked witches
and wolves. All these fictitious inhabitants mean a simple walk amongst the pines makes me rather anxious. One of my
worst childhood memories is when a collapsing Christmas tree, which I had been harmlessly trying to decorate, savagely attacked me. These pieces are a sort of outlet for my fears, where I can turn the tables and ask myself if pine trees can be nice?

Salade de fruit jolie jolie, Bowl

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