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Behind The Clouds

This piece is a homage to some of the beautiful things that my mother told me as a kid. The first time that I was confronted by the loss of a member of my family, I felt devastated and lonely. My mother told me that, if I found some pink clouds in the sky, it meant that the relative who I had lost was thinking about me.  And in a way I can still be connect to this person.  These days I feel nostalgic and think of all the beautiful moments that I share with people that I love.

The Ultimate Lucky Charm

Even better than a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a wishbone  or a ladybird, the Unicorn leg  will provide you ultimate luck… If you believe in it enough!

Le Monstre Enrageait

This serie is based on a snippet of my favourite bedtime story as a kid. The story portrays a hairy monster who was tired of eating rats in his cave, so he decided to try human flesh. After a few twists and turns, the monster finds himself about to eat a sweet, arrogant, and deviously cunning princess, Lucile. But this princess who was full of life and really loved puns, drove the monster crazy, telling him endless word plays and puns. The hairy monster was so raged that he started to swell and swell until he exploded. This blast turned his flesh in to flowers and butterflies. My work is based on this part of the tale.
The thought that something evil and full of hatred can turn in to something beautiful, magically vanished all my fears. Naively I want to keep thinking that this is something possible in everyday life.


This work evokes a past that, to me, reappears frequently. Both omnipresent and absent at the same time, it nevertheless represents a part of myself.Having no shared memories with Leon, I am attached to objects that belonged to him in order to reach out to him. It helps me recreate my personal history, to embody it, and to assess my state of mind in relation to it.

​Un jour mon prince viendra...

Since early childhood, young girls are read fairy tales full of charming princes, dragons and witches. Because of this, some women are still waiting for their knight in shining armor well into their adult lives. This concept remains deeply ingrained in our culture, but no longer reflects reality. Bearing this in mind, I wanted to create an object reminiscent of childhood. It also allows one to observe objectively a toad or frog trapped in his castle, and restores him to his rightful place as an amphibian. You might even give a him a kiss if you wish! Thanks to this project, I pay homage to the secret allies of our gardens. Hidden in damp and dark corners, they protect us from small creatures, creeping or spiky, or sometimes scary.

Jus De Fraise

A little spoon of sugar, A stab of the fork, A little more sugar, And we smush it, You extracted strawberries wonderful nectar. This delicate cadence is still in my memories and the taste is still on my tongue. To this day I still cannot taste strawberries without think thinking of you and perpetuating this bloody massacre.

Une Paire De Chaussettes?

This piece is made up of an odd number of socks because there is obviously always one missing! With this work, I transform the every-day object, recasting it in a new light. I have made this homage for people who are struggling with the eternal dilemma of wearing matching socks.

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