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Laure Fradin Photo by Sven Kovac_edited.jpg

Born in 1985 in Paris, France, Laure Fradin grew up in a normal family complete with plenty of secrets and baggage. As a little kid, Laure aspired to become a professional photographer of cats and dogs (for kitsch postcards), or a cathedral builder. After a Bachelor of Photography at the University of Paris VIII, Laure was introduced to glass through the stained-glass work of Fréderic Biardeau. At this time, Laure was beginning to explore family stories through her photography. She also began to question how to capture the significance of everyday objects.

In 2010, Laure found her true passion for glass and decided to start blowing glass full time. This love would inspire her to leave Paris for a small village of 500 people to learn the craft. After two years honing her skills, she graduated with first class honors from the CERFAV. Her curiosity for glass drove her to travel around the world and led her to spent six months in the Tobias Mohl Studio, in Denmark. She is now a design associate at JamFactory in South Australia where she continues to explore ideas of haunting family histories and the creative potential of everyday objects in her work.

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